After studying opera singing, acting and some musicology in Munich and Berlin, I enjoyed a couple of exciting years as stage professional. Since 2001 my home is Schwäbisch Gmünd, a beautiful ancient town surrounded by enchanting landscape of the Swabian Ostalb and since 2021 Alfdorf, directly opposite a farm called "Struthof".

My passion is the wide field of crossover, instigating dialogues between cultures in view of sustainable, peaceful models for economy and society.

Besides a lot of family fuss since 2009 working on a novel version of The Forbidden Soap, "utopian martial arts comedy about the final salvation from the perfect world of tomorrow", as well as drafting Dreimorgenland, "backgrowing amusement park for a healthy future".

Autumn 2012: Social fundraising-videoevent Rocky Rollator (pre-production)

Since 2012 Pilates qualification by Nina Rothe and until 2020 working full-time as Original Pilates instructor.

Currently working as free-lance ad writer, songwriter, actor and movie producer. Preparing a cabaret show and a documentary movie funded by short video documentaries and social media campaigns including a bet game.

in detail:
C.V. - English
Lebenslauf - German, short
Eckdaten - German, long
Byways - German, chronological